Forgotten areas of your website - thank you pages

When building a website, we focus on the standard pages — the homepage, product pages, content pages, and landing pages. These pages are important but we sometimes forget about other areas.

The “thank you page” or confirmation page after a conversion is usually one of these areas. If this area isn’t designed or thought about, it is usually slapped together by the developer (I have been guilty of this).

Post conversion thank you pages

After a website visitor converts on your fine-tuned website, what does the user do next?

Do you send them to something like this?

This can be a huge missed opportunity. You have this person's full attention and they have shown interest in your business. You can celebrate the success that you got them to convert on your website but you need to give them the next action that you want them to take.

Everything should always have a next step that the user can take if they decide to.

Post conversion page basics

If your page is as bad as the example above, as a standard you should always include information like:

  • Conversion details (transaction data)
  • Further required actions (confirm email, send documents)
  • Contact details (how can they contact you?)
  • What they should expect as the next interaction (an expert will follow up in 1-2 business days)

Ways to improve the thank you pages

To get these users even further engaged with your business your thank you page could include:


Include their name or company name in the message. It could feel unexpected and give them a high-quality experience with your brand.

Welcome video

Show a welcome video about your product or service that they just signed up for. Include a team member explaining the next steps in the process.

Social proof

Show logos and testimonials to hammer in that they made the right choice.

Collect feedback

Gather more data without affecting the length of your form by asking a few more questions.

Social media

Invite them to follow your company on social media to get the latest updates and content.

Experiment more

These are a few ideas on how you can improve the customer experience with your brand. Experiment and measure different ideas to see which works best for your converting users.

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