A modern approach to marketing for a scientific instrument manufacturer.

In 2016, two scientific instrument and software companies merged into METER. My work at METER has had a major focus within the marketing department developing and continously improving for marketing and sales lead generation.

METER’s website was developed with WordPress using a modern aproach that includes Git, Vagrant, Gulp, NPM, SASS, and other modern development tooling.


  • Front-end Development
  • Pardot marketing automation implementation
  • Project management
  • Monitoring & Reporting Digital Metrics
  • UX testing

AQUALAB Selector Tool

To help potential customers determine which METER AQUALAB product works best for them, I developed an interactive tool that asks the user questions about their company. After answering the questions, the user is then shown an AQUALAB product that best fits their needs as well as why that product will work for their company as well as a Pardot form. This tool has generated consistent monthly leads for our sales and marketing team.

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ROI Calculator

ZENTRA Cloud is a software project for METER Environment that allows researchers and scientists to see their weather and soil sensor data without having to drive out to where the sensors are. In the past, they would have to drive to where their data logger box is and download the data. This ROI calculator helps show these researchers how much time and money they can save by using our real-time data solution.

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Email coding

I worked closely with a designer to develop email templates that could be used for product announcements and regular newsletters. I coded the email templates to render properly on the major email clients as well as work in Pardot so that content managers could quickly edit the content and layouts of the emails when needed.