Pardot landing page VSCode snippets

Visual studio code snippet for Pardot marketing automation

Allow Pardot users to edit the content on landing pages by adding pardot-region="" attributes to HTML elements.

These snippets allow you to type pdotlink and have pardot-region="" pardot-region-type="link" be added to your element.

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  • pdotlink
  • pdotimg
  • pdotwysiwyg
"Pardot editable link": {
"prefix": ["pdotlink"],
"body": ["pardot-region=\"${1:name}\" pardot-region-type=\"link\""],
"description": "Pardot editable link attributes"
"Pardot editable img": {
"prefix": ["pdotimg"],
"body": ["pardot-region=\"${1:name}\" pardot-region-type=\"image\""],
"description": "Pardot editable link attributes"
"Pardot editable simple": {
"prefix": ["pdotsimple"],
"body": ["pardot-region=\"${1:name}\" pardot-region-type=\"simple\""],
"description": "Pardot editable link attributes"
"Pardot editable wysiwyg": {
"prefix": ["pdotwysiwyg"],
"body": ["pardot-region=\"${1:name}\""],
"description": "Pardot editable link attributes"

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