From the notebook

Note: This is an older post from 2012.

I have been keeping a notebook (Moleskine, blank pages) for about the past year now which is mostly full of web design ideas but also includes a calendar, to do lists, contacts, and organization ideas. A lot of my sketches in this notebook have led to the creation of my current logo and web site.

I first got into the thought of keeping an idea notebook from Mike Rhodeā€™s sketchnotes. Mike Rhode keeps Moleskine notebooks with notes from popular design conferences and draws out the notes with icons and different lettering and then posts them on his blog. I have always been interested in how other designers and artists work and what their thought process was. With that in mind I am going to start posting pictures from my own notebook that are design related and hope they are useful or interesting to other people.

This page includes a couple rough wire frame sketches from 4/26/2011 that were early layout ideas for this blog.

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