Goals and focuses for 2015

Note: This is an older post from 2015.

I have learned a lot in 2014 while becoming a front-end developer and working remotely full-time. In 2015 I plan on learning even more about front-end development.

Below are some of the professional goals I want to focus on and improve in 2015.

  • Contribute code to an existing open source project.
  • Finish my WordPress starter theme & workflow.
  • Develop a few WordPress themes and sites.
  • Learn more about MVC javascript frameworks like AngularJS, Ember and React.
  • Learn more about Node.js
  • Learn more about web components and Polymer.
  • Continue to keep up to date with latest web technologies, frameworks, and ideas.
  • Do more freelance & side projects.
  • Write and share more. I want to keep this blog more up to date with my thoughts and what I am learning.
  • Meet more people in the web development & design industry and keep in touch with them. This has been more difficult working remotely.
  • Continue to improve my web development & design workflow and become more efficient.
    • (Added 1/12/2015) Become proficient with keyboard shortcuts and not using a mouse/ menus.
  • Keep an up to date projects & case studies page that includes projects I have worked on.
  • Create a site that generates passive income.

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