What I learned this week 2

Note: This is an older post from 2014.

What I learned this week

  • CSS class names and IDs don’t effect SEO. So CSS does not need to be as semantic as HTML. Video – AZPixels: Play nice with CSS tools and Methodologies
  • With HTML5, we can use multiple <h1> tags on a page and be fine with SEO. One example is using <h1> for the site title and another for a post title. In the past it was viewed to strictly only use one <h1>
  • console.table(myObject); can output a table in the Google Chrome console with the object properties and values.
  • I Learned quite a bit more about object oriented javascript by contributing to a few javascript plugins.
  • Doing a tweet with a . in front of a tweet will add it to your timeline and allow more people to see i instead of just having the person you replied to and their followers see it. Example
    .@rdallaire Check out this link!

What I want to learn

  • I want to start learning to do more things outside of internet technology.
  • Learn more about computer hardware. I used to have a desktop tower that I built and would keep updated with hardware and ever since using a laptop, I have lost that connection with hardware.
  • Optimizing websites as best as possible. Getting sites to load fast and not be heavy downloads on mobile devices. I currently do a bit of testing in this area, but there is a lot more that can be done.
  • To do more user research. I currently do a little bit using Google Analytics event tracking but more would be great. Investigating what converts on websites and what doesn’t and coming up with best practices and ideas.

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