What I learned this week 3

Note: This is an older post from 2014.

What I learned this week (and the past few weeks)

I have missed a few weeks of this blog post and I am making up by including what I have learned over the past few weeks.

  • I am more comfortable with command line Git and no longer need the windows GUI version.
  • I have started using gulp.js over the past few weeks as a build system to compile SASS, minify CSS/ JS, concatonate files, livereload, and much more.
  • Over the past weeks I learned a lot about roots wordpress starter theme and there well known theme wrapper.
  • I learned about WordPress’s coding standards and started implementing them (along with gulp.js) into my own starter theme, Bonsai.
  • I read through ThemeForest’s WordPress Theme Submission Requirements
  • I have learned a lot about front-end performance over the past view weeks while looking at the network tab in chrome inspector on various sites and tests.
  • I learned about the EU VAT laws in Europe that are making it so that digital goods and services will require business to pay taxes based on the consumers country (in EU)
  • filter: in SASS does not work (example, filter: grayscale(50%);)
  • I Learned about DPLOY, an FTP/SFTP deployment tool built in node.js
  • I learned that Angular-seed now uses a more scaleable folder stucture that rather than have a folder for /controllers, /views etc. they use a folder for each feature and have all of the files for that feature in that folder. I really like this approach and it could translate to any project that needs to scale.

What I want to learn

  • JS testing. Using Karma (or a similar testing runner) to test JS that I write.
  • Creating Gulp plugins.
  • Creating WordPress plugins.

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